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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Senior Project Manager & Artist management


Senior Project Manager & Marketing


Senior Project Manager & Press work


Project assistance


Project assistance & Tech. management


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Project assistance


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Office Management

We connect people

➝ International agency for youth communication & event management.
➝ Worldwide organizer of countless sports, dance and cultural events.
➝ The nucleus of the world's largest breakdance competition.
➝ Hub of a large international network.

Six Step is one of the world's most distinguished agencies when it comes to reaching, motivating and inspiring teenagers and young adults. Together with our partners, we develop concepts that appeal to young people where they are emotionally best reached: in experiences of success in their own culture, their sport, their music.

What distinguishes us is sincere communication at eye level, binding commitments and professionalism. Our partners appreciate the fact that we do not make any lazy compromises, that we do not bend ourselves and that we are open and transparent. Honesty is the essence of youth culture - and it is also our lived basic attitude.

With the "Battle Of The Year" we have - out of our own idealism and the worldwide demand - realized an idea that promotes youth culture and at the same time unites it. The experience we have gained - the worldwide network, the good contacts to artists, agencies, TV and print media - enables us to plan and carry out events in the field of youth culture on all scales. At the same time we are available for the development of strategic concepts in the socio-cultural field.