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A step in the right direction

Youth culture moves at a rapid pace, often going unnoticed by those outside its immediate sphere. Slang evolves, music preferences shift, sports trends emerge, and fashion styles transform — what’s considered “in” or “out” can change almost daily. This constant state of flux creates a challenging environment for effective communication with young people.

Misunderstandings easily arise, whether it’s from placing too much emphasis on short-lived trends or showing only a superficial interest. Such approaches can lead to using the wrong language and missing the mark entirely. To bridge this gap, a deeper understanding and genuine engagement with youth culture are essential.




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Battle Of The Year

Battle Of The Year (BOTY) has been running since 1990. From modest beginnings, it has grown into the most important breaking competition in the world. Many go so far as to consider BOTY the unofficial world championship of breaking.

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Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One happens on the biggest stages in the world’s most glamorous cities.
It’s the world’s biggest one-on-one B-Boy and B-Girl competition. Every year, thousands of dancers go head to head for the chance to compete in the world finals. Sixteen B-Boys and sixteen B-Girls take up the challenge, but there can only be one champion.

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