Since 2015, Six Step has been visiting schools across Germany on behalf of the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Federal Centre for Health Education). We carry out workshops along the theme of “Null Alkohol – Voll Power”. The “Voll Power” school tour is backed by a special plan for the prevention of addiction in schools, working for, and together with, youngsters.

At a glance – what Six Step delivers for the Federal Centre for Health Education’s “Full Power” School Tour:

Since 2015, Six Step has been commissioned by the Federal Centre for Health Education to implement the “Full Power” school tour. The tour stops at secondary schools all across Germany. The programme: a day of activities for school children between the ages of 12 and 16 under the banner of “Null Alkohol – Voll Power”.

The five workshops – Parkour, Urban Dance, Theatre, Rap/Singing and Band – give pupils a taster of new activities. The aim is for them to push their own boundaries to develop life skills with a view to preventing addiction. These include perceived self-efficacy, critical thinking and teamwork.

A team of professional coaches from the Six Step network takes the pupils by the hand and writes scripts or music, or choreographs dance routines with them.

The coaches are closely connected to the children’s day-to-day environment. During the workshops, they serve as role models for an active lifestyle in which they can be self-assured and strong without resort to alcohol.

Thanks to decades’ experience of youth culture, Six Step has been successful in developing a concept for the Federal Centre for Health Education’s Full Power programme to appeal to youngsters. It is tailored to individual needs but at the same time evidence-based and effective. It reaches out to them with authenticity in a way that brings across the message “Null Alkohol – Voll Power” as effectively as possible. Our unique network enables us to bring together professional coaches from all areas of expertise for the Voll Power school tour.

  • Developing the concept with the NLS (Lower Saxony State Authority for Addiction Issues) and Federal Centre for Health Education

  • Selection of speakers

  • PR and press work

  • Logistics & tour management

  • Evaluation and ongoing development of the intervention