SNIPES has represented selected US brands in Germany since 1998 as "store for the real hip-hop clothing" - and has been the main sponsor of the Battle Of The Years since 2016. This has resulted in an intensive partnership, which focuses primarily on dance. Like Six Step, SNIPES are "persuaders" who do not put sales above everything else, but rather "street culture".


At a glance - that's what Six Step does for SNIPES:

The cooperation with SNIPES is a typical example of an ideal cooperation for us: SNIPES is at home in the US-Street-Culture and became aware of us through our good contacts in the field of dance. Our expertise was the link we were looking for in the dance scene: we have been advising SNIPES strategically and at all events since 2018 - and through daily exchange we are very closely connected to the brand - and the people who make it up.

For SNIPES, it is our personal contacts to the dance crews, the managers and the event organisers that open the doors to the scene. And this is to the advantage of the artists who come to perform and for whom SNIPES events offer good artistic opportunities.

  • Central control of the event marketing

  • Supervision of all SNIPES dance events

  • Communication with the organizers

  • Logo integration in classical and digital communication

  • Coordination and planning of the implementation of the branding plan