Breaking beneath the Olympic rings – yet more proof of the hip-hop movement’s acceptance worldwide. The Olympic Games demand highest standards. So when someone asked who should be tasked with organising it, had the expertise and a good standing within the international scene, the answer was: a compliment for us.

At a glance – what Six Step delivered for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

When people started talking about an event that would take recognition of every breaker in the whole world to the next level, they could only mean one thing: in 2018, breaking went Olympic. And we were given the job of preparing the terrain. It was probably our most ambitious project: on behalf of the World Dance Sports Federation, Six Step brought breaking in line with the International Olympic Committee’s exacting standards.

The challenge: high reliability, maximum substantive quality, tight timescales – without sacrificing the soul of breaking. The result: a solid premiere in front of a worldwide audience.

  • Worldwide project coordination

  • Planning and scheduling the four competition days

  • Overseeing the qualification process

  • Creating the rule book

  • Developing the jury system

  • Selecting and supervising the jurors